Month: April 2015


Garage Door Maintenance in Killeen Texas

Garage Door Maintenance KilleenHow do you avoid getting a malfunctioning garage door at your hands? How do you make sure that this heavy piece of machinery is giving you high performance at all times? How do you prevent running into expensive garage door repair bills? Answer to all these questions lies in periodic garage door maintenance.

Can you do it yourself? When it comes to assess the condition of the garage door and its moving, interconnected parts, you can check it yourself for any signs of wear and tear from daily use or from the impact of adverse weather conditions.

What all things can you check while doing a quick inspection?

  1. Look for any signs of wear and tear. Check if there is any frayed or loose part.
  2. Tighten the nuts, bolts, roller bracket and other mounting hardware.
  3. Test the door balancing to see if the springs need any repair or adjustment.
  4. Reset your electric garage door opener
  5. Lubricate door’s hinges, drum rollers, springs and latches
  6. Check if the auto-reverse safety feature is working optimally. You can quickly check this by placing a solid object in the way of the garage door when it is closing down. In this case, the garage door should automatically rebound when it reaches the object. It is a very important feature and if it not working properly, you should immediately call professional garage door Service Company to take care of it. 
  7. Clean a garage door track according to the instructions given in the garage door manual.
  8. Re-align garage door sensors if you think these photoelectric eyes are not doing their job. It is an added safety mechanism that checks if the garage door will safely rebound in case of an emergency.
  9. Inspect and repair the weather seals.
  10. Check for the force pressure and setting of garage door opener

Garage Door Maintenance & Repair Services in Killeen

It is extremely important that your garage door undergoes periodic maintenance service. Killeen Garage Door Services will make sure that your garage doors are performing efficiently to prevent any unexptecd break down or failure. We have a team of highly expert technicians who know where exactly to look for damage and inspecy all the hardware of your garage door. We identify and fix all the small issues before they can become a complex issue, saving you from the trouble and cost of further repairs. If you need professional garage door maintenance and repair services in KIlleen Texas, call us today.

Remember a garage door is really huge piece of machinery and the springs that help it to move and down are its mainstays. The springs remain in an enormous amount of tension because of heavy weight of the garage door. If there is something wrong with the garage door springs or any other related part, the door might come crashing down with impacting force. It can cause serious accidents. It is always best to call a reliable, professional garage door repair company to repair, install or replace any of the garage door components.


Garage Door Springs Repair

sprGarage doors are one of the most important objects in the house that usually go unnoticed unless one fine day it stops working. And mostly this happens when there is a problem with the garage door springs. These springs hold the garage door in place and allow it to close and open smoothly. But daily use, heavy weight and weather extremes invariably tend to cause wear and tear to the springs. This can cause the springs to either malfunction or break down.

Garage doors usually have two types of springs; Torsion springs that are installed above the closed garage door, and extension springs that are attached on the upper horizontal tracks on both the sides of the door. Both kind of springs are under a huge amount of tension considering they are uplifting such heavy weight of the garage door. So, when they break or snap, it causes the door to come down with such an intense force that can harm anyone in its way. Once you have gauzed that there is something unusual about how your garage door is working or if there is some issue with the garage door spring, it is best to called a skilled technician who has the expertise to undertake this task.

Garage Door Springs Repair in Killeen Texas

Why should you hire a professional garage door repair company to fix broken or damaged springs? If the garage door springs suddenly snap, they can cause serious accidents. In fact many accidents resulting in deaths have been reported when people with no expertise were trying to fix the spring issue on their own. Always remember that due to high tension, garage door springs pose a very serious risk that should not be taken lightly. Our technicians will be experts and most importantly trained to fix the springs safely and efficiently. We have the required tools and hardware and deep knowledge of how springs work and what can actually go wrong and how to prevent any mishap.  

But before you call the technicians, make sure that the unusual squeaky noises coming from the garage door is not because the springs require lubrication. So, try to apply some lubricant and see if the noise stops. If it doesn’t it only indicates that you should hire a professional help to solve the issue.

How can you know the garage door springs need repair or replacement?

There are a few common signs that indicates that there can something serious with your garage door springs. For example, if your garage door is not responding to the opener in spite of the fact that the device is in perfect operating condition, it means something can be wrong with the springs.   There are other signs too like your garage door stops suddenly in the middle while closing down or opening or if it looks out of balance.

Don’t leave the springs unattended if you feel they are faulty. A malfunctioning spring can cause serious injuries to pets, children including yourself and can also cause damage to your vehicle. Call your local garage door repair company to help with the spring repair or replacement.