Month: June 2016


How to Test the Garage Door Balance

Test the Garage Door Balance KilleenIs your garage door looking uneven while in operation? Is it making strange noises? Does it begin to close by itself when you have just opened it manually? Does it come down too quickly when you are operating it manually? These are some tell-tale signs of an unbalanced garage door. The springs in your garage door maintain the optimum tension required for the door to open and close smoothly without jarring movements and at the right speed.

If the door is not properly balanced, it may operate too fast and with more force than required, which may even lead to the garage door coming off its track. Needless to mention how dangerous this situation can be for anyone who happens to be underneath the door at that moment. Neglecting an unbalanced garage door for too long will also wield extra load on the opener and may even result in a complete break-down of your garage door opener.  It can also cause springs or safety cables to snap and cause fatal injuries or property damage. Moreover, ignoring a garage door that looks out of alignment will only add up to costly repairs that be easily avoided if you regularly keep an eye on the balance of your garage door.

Clearly, an unbalanced garage door isn’t just about inconvenience, it can be extremely dangerous to you and your family. If your garage door is showing any of the above signs or behaving strangely, it is better to check the balance.

Fortunately, a simple test can determine if your garage door is out of balance.

  1. Disengage the opener from the garage door using the release cord.
  2. Lift the door until about midway.
  • Garage door is able to hold this position without any help or resistance? The door is balanced.
  • Garage door doesn’t hold and moves back up? The springs seem to be under extreme tension.
  • Garage door doesn’t hold and keeps falling down? The tension in the spring needs to be increased.

Never try to repair, adjust or move your garage door or its parts such as springs, safety cables, or pulleys on your own. These parts are under extreme tension and any wrong step can cause the garage door come crashing down and cause serious injury or even death. This also goes for adjusting the spring tension. Without right tools and knowledge, fixing unbalanced garage door can be one dangerous activity. Always call a trained, experienced garage door professional if any part looks out of balance, damaged or broken.

Garage Door Repair Services in Killeen

Garage Door Repair Killeen is your professional repair expert offering an end to garage door services including installation, repair and look for any wear and tear in any garage door part, garage door balance testing, photoelectric sensors testing and safety sensors adjustment. We are available 24/7 to offer fastest assistance with any urgent garage door repair services.

Our garage door services in Killeen includes

  1. Residential garage door and opener installation
  2. Commercial garage door and opener installation
  3. Garage door automatic openers repair and adjustment
  4. Garage door maintenance services
  5. Garage door springs repair and replacement
  6. Garage door safety cables repair and replacement
  7. Garage door drum installation and repair
  8. Bent garage door track repair
  9. Bent or broken garage door panel repair
  10. Garage door weather seal installation
  11. Garage door insulation
  12. 24/7 garage door repair services
  13. Garage door parts replacement
  14. Emergency garage door repair
  15. Garage door adjustment
  16. Photoelectric sensors alignment

Why Should You Replace Old Garage Door Opener?

Replacing Old Garage Door Opener KilleenThe number of times your garage door opens every year; no wonder your opener takes a big hit. Old, worn out openers might you some warning signals such as increase in the noise levels during its operation or they may just decide to stop working without any indication at all. While it is not always that you need to get the opener replaced when a simple repair can fix the issue, you need to consider replacing it immediately if it is very old and giving you frequent trouble in its functioning. We bring to you some top benefits of opener replacement.

Benefits of replacing an old garage door opener

  1. Improved Safety

As per 1993 CPSC rule, any garage door manufactured after 1993 should be equipped with an auto reverse safety mechanism. It is basically a system that on sensing the presence of an object or a thing underneath a garage door that is closing down, immediately stops the door and reverses its direction. If your garage door system is not equipped with this mandatory safety system, make it a priority to change your garage door opener.

  1. Reduced noise

Old chain that is out of alignment is one of the leading causes of a noisy garage door that is not only a nuisance to your family members but can be highly annoying for your neighbors. If your opener is more than 15 years old, it likely that lubrication and other maintenance efforts may not improve the situation. Repairing old opener units is not recommended as it is not only expensive in a long-term, but actually also highly inconvenient. The newly installed opener will have a quieter motor and also use chain drives or belt drives that are quieter.

  1. Improved security

New opener units make use of highly advanced security features like rolling code technology. This technology works by transmitting a different code every time you are using your remote to operate your garage door. This is a fantastic workaround to counter tech savvy burglars who use code grabbing devices, that can hack into the code your remote control device uses and use it to break-into your garage or house.

  1. Added features for higher convenience

Modern garage door openers provide a higher level of convenience, performance and even cost savings due to additional features such as keypad entry, key ring remotes, smart phone enabled operation and built-in battery back-up for power outages.

Over the last few years, there have been significant improvements in garage door opener models, thus offering more convenience, improved security and added layer of safety for your family. It is better to invest in new units than keep pouring money on frequent repairs that old garage door opener units may demand.

Garage Door Openers Installation Killeen

Garage Door Repair Killeen offers the most professional, reliable and affordable garage door opener installation and repair services in Killeen, Temple, Austin and Belton. Call the expert garage door services provider at (254) 848 6088.

Our full range of garage door installation, repair and maintenance services in Killeen include:

  1. Residential garage door & opener installation in Corpus Christi
  2. Commercial garage door & opener installation in Corpus Christi
  3. Garage door openers installation, repair and adjustment
  4. Broken garage door springs repair and replacement
  5. Garage door safety cable repair and installation
  6. Garage door drum installation and repair services
  7. Bent garage door track repair
  8. Bent garage door panel repair 
  9. Weather seal installation or weather stripping 
  10. 24/7 garage door repair
  11. Garage door parts replacement
  12. Garage door maintenance services
  13. Garage door inspection services
  14. Garage door parts alignment and adjustment services
  15. Emergency garage door repair services

How to choose a right garage door specialist?

Garage door specialist KilleenA garage door that is not functioning can be a dangerous entity both in terms of safety as well as security, not to mention how much inconvenience it can cause. It’s only natural to expect fastest assistance to repair your garage door. However, don’t let this immediate requirement overwhelm you. Finding a trustworthy, legitimate garage door repair and installation expert is no cakewalk and especially when you are in a hurry to find a professional you tend to ignore warning signs and call whosoever comes top in your search list. Result? You end up getting low quality work at an inflated price. Well, not anymore.

Garage Door Repair Killeen brings to you quick tips to navigate your search for a genuine garage door professional and prevent deceitful strategies used by fraud companies.

  1. Ask your family members, friends or neighbors for a reference. If they have been using a certain company or a professional and are happy with their services, chances are you will be satisfied too.
  2. If you have chosen a contractor, make sure to visit their website to look for customer reviews and feedback to get a general idea.
  3. Check for proper accreditation like BBA. This will make sure you are calling a reliable, professional dealer.
  4. Ask questions about their physical address, how long they have been in the business, license and insurance information. If you are not satisfied with the answers and sense any hesitation revealing the information, leave it there and call another company.
  5. Insist on getting a cost estimate over the phone and don’t hesitate to call different companies to get more quotes. It will help you compare the prices for the same level of work.
  6. It is important to find out if they offer 24/7 services for emergency garage door repair services.
  7. Ask if they provide any guarantee on repair services or on installation. Always ask for the copy.
  8. When the technician arrives, ask for ID and licence.
  9. Get the cost, warranty on parts or services, spare parts costs etc. in writing before allowing the work to proceed.
  10. Be clear about the scope of the work and don’t hesitate to refuse additional repair work if you are sure it is unnecessary. However, it is always better to seek a second opinion as any damage to one part can affect the functionality of another, which actually might need repair.

Garage Door Repair Killeen Texas

Looking for a professional garage door repair company in Killeen? Call us at (254) 848 6088.We are your local, reputable garage door professionals offering affordable, high quality garage door installation, repair, inspection and maintenance services to Killeen, Austin, Belton, Fort Hood and Temple.

  • End to end garage door services
  • Licensed, fully insured and highly trained garage door technicians
  • 24/7 garage door repair
  • Warranty on replaced parts and repair services
  • Affordable cost and we always offer a cost estimate over the phone before arrival
  • Friendly, courteous and extremely knowledgeable garage door technicians

Our full range of garage door services in Killeen include:

  1. Residential garage door and opener installation
  2. Commercial garage door and opener installation
  3. Garage door automatic openers repair and adjustment
  4. Garage door maintenance and inspection services
  5. Broken garage door torsion springs repair and replacement
  6. Broken/damaged garage door safety cable repair and replacement
  7. Garage door drum installation and repair
  8. Bent garage door track repair
  9. Bent door panel repair
  10. Weather seal installation
  11. 24/7 emergency garage door repair services
  12. Garage door parts replacement
  13. Garage door parts alignment or adjustment
  14. Garage door emergency release feature testing
  15. Garage door photoelectric sensors testing and adjustment

How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door?

Fixing a Noisy Garage Door KilleenYour garage door making a racket and driving your family members and neighbors crazy? Don’t let a squeaking, rattling garage door ruin your mood first thing in the morning. The good news is it takes just take a few quick fixes to solve the problem.            

Here are some tips to fix a noisy garage door

  1. Tighten all the nuts and bolts

Your garage door system is made up of many nuts, bolts and screws that keep garage door parts fixed in their places. However, daily lifting and moving down can make them loose and rattling. You can take care of this problem with a wrench and a socket set. If your problem still exists, it is time to move to second tip.

  1. Inspect the rollers

Worn out rollers can be a big reason why your garage door is making loud, squeaking noises. If the rollers do appear worn, it might be a good idea to have them replaced. Most track rollers comprise of unsealed bearings and years of movement may take a toll on their health, resulting in wobbly rollers. If you find nothing wrong with rollers, lubrication may be the solution. However, worn out, old rollers must be immediately replaced and while you are at it go for nylon rollers that come with sealed, protected bearings that have a longer life. Nylon rollers are also quieter than metal rollers and low maintenance as they don’t require periodic lubrication.

We recommend that you call a garage door professional to replace the rollers. Doing this on your own can be very dangerous, especially replacing the rollers located in the bottom section.

  1. Check the hinges

Hinges may become worn out with time causing obnoxious screeching or grinding sounds during garage door operation. Lubricating the hinges with WD-40 may do the trick. However, if you identify a cracked hinge, replace it immediately. It is not only important to reduce the noise factor but also for safety purposes.

  1. Inspect the garage door opener and chain

Your garage door opener can also be a reason behind the noise your garage door is making. Either a loud motor or a loose garage door opener chain may contribute to loud sounds. Tighten the chain as per instructions in your garage opener owner’s manual. You may also want to spray the end of the garage door track and chain with a high quality silicone-based lubricant. Remember not to use oil or grease on the garage door track.

  1. Lubricate the moving parts

Lubricate the hinges, roller bearings and springs with a high quality spray. Stay clear of oil, grease or lithium grease spray. These types of lubricants accumulate on the surface points, gathering dust and gritand causing the surfaces to harden. Make sure you lubricate all the moving parts every six months for better results. It will not only minimize usual wear and tear but also keep the door on a silent mode.