Month: September 2016


Reasons for a Bent Garage Door Track

Bent Garage Door Track Reapir KilleenGarage door tracks facilitate the smooth operation of the garage door. Jerky movements in the garage door operation or loose/displaced rollers may be a sign that the tracks need urgent attention. Garage door tracks that are damaged or out of alignment have the potential to cause damage to other parts in the garage door system and even result in accidents.

Common reasons for a bent garage door track

  • Daily usage and the resulting wear and tear can cause garage door tracks to go awry.
  • When the garage door cable or the cable drum connection is broken and you try to close the garage door, it can cause the tracks to bend.
  • Lack of lubrication on garage door rollers makes them rigid, creating friction in their movement. This tension can cause the track to bend as well damage other elements in the garage door assembly.
  • Lock strikers can scrape the vertical track, which can result in damaged track.
  • Car slamming into the door or heavy lawn equipment colliding with the garage door can damage the tracks and other parts.
  • Galvanized garage doors may be resistant to rust but they can still accumulate dirt and debris, leading to garage door tracks damage.
  • Salts from the rain and corrosive chemicals can cause corrosion of the metal in the garage door tracks.

Bent Garage Door Track Repair Services in Killeen

Have bent or damaged garage door track? Call a professional garage door repair services company without any delay. Ignoring it will only make the matters worse and cause further damage to the garage door system. It is not only dangerous from safety perspective but you may even end up paying more for extensive repairs. You may even need to replace the garage door tracks or the entire door if the extent of the damage is beyond repair.  

Why call Garage Door Repair Killeen?

  1. Trained and qualified garage door repair experts
  2. Right skills, experience and tools to repair bent garage door track. We can repair any simple as well as complicated issue with your garage door.
  3. Same day service guaranteed
  4. Fully insured and licenced garage door technicians for safe, professional services
  5. End to end garage door services in Killen; installation, repair and maintenance
  6. 24/7 garage door repair services. We are available round the clock to repair any unexpected, garage door break-down.

Don’t try to repair damaged track on your own. Without the right training and tools, repairing bent track or any other part of your garage door system can be risky. It can lead to serious injuries.  Call Garage Door Repair Killeen and we will send over our technician without any delay. In the meantime, we suggest that you don’t operate your garage door.

Our full range of garage door services in Killeen include

  1. Residential garage door and opener installation
  2. Commercial garage door and opener installation
  3. Garage door automatic openers repair and adjustment
  4. Garage door maintenance and inspection services
  5. Broken garage door torsion springs repair and replacement
  6. Broken/damaged garage door safety cable repair and replacement
  7. Garage door drum installation and repair
  8. Bent garage door track repair
  9. Bent door panel repair
  10. Weather seal installation
  11. 24/7 emergency garage door repair services
  12. Garage door parts replacement
  13. Garage door parts alignment or adjustment
  14. Garage door emergency release feature testing
  15. Garage door photoelectric sensors testing and adjustment

Garage Door Lubrication

Garage Door LubricationThe garage door is probably one part of your house that experiences maximum wear tear. It needs regular preventive care and maintenance for smooth operation and lasting performance. A neglected garage door with failing health can pose a tremendous safety and security risk to your family, particularly your kids. 

Garage door lubrication is one part of that preventive maintenance. Garage door has many inter-connected metal components, that support its heavy weight and make it run efficiently. With regular usage and exposure to strong weather elements, wear and tear to these part is a common occurrence. And a noisy garage door is a warning sign that you need to pay attention.

While squeaking and grinding noises can also be a sign of some other underlying problem, most of the times oiling the parts with a relevant lubricant does the trick and put a stop to all the racket. Yes, don’t have to live with a noisy garage door. Keeping garage door parts greased is important for quieter operation as well as high performing garage door.

Lubricating your garage door is one part of the maintenance that you can safely do on your own.

Right Lubrication for the Garage Door

Before you start:

  • Move your vehicles and other stored items away from the site.
  • Deactivate your automatic garage door opener
  • Inform your family that you are going to be in the garage.

First, clean the garage door surface with a mild detergent and wipe off any visible grime using a sponge. Move onto other parts such as nuts, bolts, springs, rollers, rails, hinges, pivot points and don’t forget the locks.

Tips to garage door lubrication

  • Don’t use WD-40 lubricant. Instead go for a silicone spray or white lithium grease to lubricate the moving parts of the garage door.
  • Lubricate the hinges, springs and bearings. For more details, refer to the garage door owner’s manual.
  • Lubricate the metal rollers but only enough so that excess oil doesn’t drip. Be careful with nylon rollers. Make sure you only lubricate the bearings without getting any oil on the nylon rollers.
  • Lubricate only steel hinges and not the plastic ones.
  • To lubricate the metal springs evenly, spray down the springs and close and open the garage door a number of times. You don’t want extra lubricant dripping out. You don’t need to oil powder coated garage door springs.
  • Parts like garage door opener, motor, track and bottom parts of chain rails should not be greased. You can lubricate the top of the chain rail, however.
  • Don't oil the roller tracks to prevent the door to slip and become unbalanced. Ensure that the tracks are clean by wiping the dirt and grime using a soft cloth and brake cleaner. Use a dry cloth to soak the superfluous moisture.
  • Open and close the garage door a couple of times once you have lubricated all the relevant parts. It allows for even distribution and also makes sure the garage door is working smoothly and without bothersome noise.