Month: March 2015


Check your Garage Door Auto Reverse Functionality

Garage Door Auto Reverse FunctionalityGarage doors are heavy objects whose movements are supported by springs and other interconnected hardware. They are equipped with an auto-reverse mechanism that allows the doors to sense any object placed in its path while closing down. In fact, it is mandatory by law that all garage doors are installed with safety reverse functionality. This makes the door to halt and reverse.  Garage doors undergo continuous strain as they are used daily and it is only natural that its components become defective over a period of time. If there is a wear and tear in the springs, it is likely that it can cause the garage door auto reverse mechanism to go faulty.

A faulty reversing system can not only damage your car, injure your pets, it can also put your life and your kid’s life in danger if you are caught in the path of a closing down door. The CPSC recommend that garage door and garage doors openers are tested for auto-reverse mechanism every month. You should also warn your children about the hazards and risks posed by the garage doors. Keep the door opener away from their reach. It is recommended that your opener should be attached to your garage door with an opener reinforcement bracket. If you fail to do this, it will negate the manufacturer's warranty.

An important tip before you start to inspect the garage door opener automatic reverse mechanism:  Disengage the automatic door opener and warn the family members that you will be in the garage door. 

How to Check your Garage Door Auto Reverse Functionality

Test the safety reverse of the garage-door opener

When the door is fully open, place a 2×4 solid object underneath the garage door. Operate the garage door opener and try to close it. At this time, do not attempt to stop the door with your hands.  When the door approaches the object and senses its presence, it should stop and move back upwards. If it fails to stop and continue to close down, this means the reverse mechanism is not working. It is a potential safety hazard. You should contact a garage door repair experts such as Garage Door Repair Killeen to repair or replace the garage door opener. Also, detach the opener from the door until it is repaired or replaced.

Testing the photoelectric eyes or sensors

These sensors are situated on the each side of the garage door. According to the guidelines they should not be mounted at a height of more than 6 inches and should be aligned in a way that they face each other. Sway a long stick or a broom in the path of the photoelectric sensors when the door is coming down. If the sensors are working as they should, this action should break the beam of light coming from the sensors and make the door stop and go reverse. Photoelectric eyes that are malfunctioning are a serious safety hazard.

Garage Door Repair Services in Killeen

It is important to periodically inspect your garage door and openers to look for any signs of wear and tear. At the same time, you should not attempt to repair or replace any component yourself. Garage doors are heavy, moving objects that can break down unexpectedly and cause accidents. It is, therefore, recommended that you engage the services of a trusted garage door repair services provider to repair and replace the parts that are not working smoothly. 

Garage Door Repair Killeen offers the following services

  1. 24 x7 emergency garage door repair
  2. Garage door maintenance and inspection
  3. Broken springs repair and replacement
  4. Broken or damaged safety cables repair and replacement
  5. Garage door automatic openers installation and repair
  6. Bent garage door rollers repair
  7. Bent garage door panel repair
  8. Bent garage door track repair
  9. Garage door weather seal installation, repair and replacement
  10. Garage door installation services