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Why Safety Cables are Important

Garage Door Safety Cables KilleenSafety cables are probably the most important part on any garage door that has extension springs. It runs through the extension spring and is attached to the wall or the ceiling on either side of the garage door. They are an important safety measure in the situation when a spring breaks.

A spring can break or snap due to number of reasons. It can be because the maintenance and periodic inspection of the garage door and its interconnected parts have been long ignored. Springs showing signs of wear and tear should be repaired or replace almost immediately. Or it can also be because they have not been installed by an expert hand.

Extension springs are under an enormous deal of tension, especially when the garage door is closed or moving down. If they happen to break due to any reason, the spring can sail across the garage door acting as a deadly missile. It can hurl with so great a force that it can seriously hurt someone who happens to be standing nearby. Sudden snapping of the spring, when not controlled by a safety cable can also lead to garage door system to fail and crash down with a force of very high magnitude. The purpose of the safety cables is to secure the extension spring in place when the spring or the cable fails.

Garage Door Safety Cables Installation in Killeen

If your garage door has extension springs but no safety cables, call a garage door professional who can install a pair for an enhanced security. Please remember installing or repairing cables or any other garage door parts can be dangerous. It is recommended that you hire the services of an experienced garage door company.

Call Killeen Garage Door Services. Our technicians are experts in installation, repair and replacement of garage door and its components including – springs, cables, rollers, panels, hinges and safety cables. All these parts are supporting the heavy garage door and thus are under high tension. Repairing and installing of these parts must be performed under highly safe conditions and only by professionals. If something goes wrong, it can cause property damage, serious injuries and even death.

We provide a full range of garage door repair, installation and maintenance services in Killeen

  1. 24 x7 emergency garage door  repair
  2. Garage door maintenance
  3. Garage door inspection
  4. Broken springs repair and replacement
  5. Safety cables repair and replacement
  6. Garage door automatic openers installation
  7. Garage door installation
  8. Bent garage door rollers repair
  9. Bent garage door panel repair
  10. Bent garage door track repair
  11. Garage door weather seal installation


Garage Door Weather Seals Installation

Garage door weather seals are narrow strips of plastic, rubber and/or vinyl pieces that cGarage Door Weather Seals Killeenan be attached on the vertical sides of the garage doors (jambs) and the header. Sounds like a small and inconsequential part? It is indeed a small part of your gigantic garage door but serves many important functions. Lets find out.

Benefits of garage door weather seals installation

It not only provides a cushioned surface for your garage door to close and open smoothly without any obstruction, it also keeps your garage safe from drafts of cold or hot air, rain and snow. Essentially, it keeps the moisture out and keeps the items stored inside your garage – such as tools and hardware – from getting damaged and rusted.

It also helps to keep your energy bills shoot up unnecessarily. Especially if you are using the garage for recreation and other commercial purposes or using the bonus rooms above the garage, you might find that these places go unusually hot or cold in extreme weather conditions. It is only because of the air-leak from the gaps in the garage door in the absence of any weather stripping. You might need to set your thermostats higher or lower than usual that can cause your utility bills go higher. It is also bad for the environment. So keeping the weather stripping of your garage door in an optimal condition is a perfect solution to keep these challenges at bay.

But is that all the garage door seals do? Well, they not only do a good job of sealing out the weather elements, they also help to prevent the entry of critters, spiders and other insects to your garage and the attached rooms of your house. So, it is good idea to keep an eye on the wear and tear of your garage door and get it replaced the moment you notice the signs of any damage.

Garage Door Weather Seals Installation in Killeen

If you are looking to have your garage door weather seals replaced, you need to look no further than Garage Door Repair Killeen. We offer excellent garage door services such as garage door repair, garage door openers installation, garage door weather seals installation, garage door maintenance and garage door parts servicing in Killeen, Fort Hood, Belton and Temple. We pride ourselves in offering the best garage door repair services at low costs and attractive discount offers.  We are your 24 x 7 local garage door repair company and our team of certified technicians bring years of experience and expertise to solve all your garage door challenges within minutes of placing a call.

Garage Door Repair Killeen have mobile workshop facility equipped with all the tools and infrastructure. This helps us to take care of all your urgent and emergency garage door lock-outs while also dealing with routine maintenance and inspection services. We will make sure that your garage door stay in top shape year after year.


Garage Door Replacement & Installation

Garage Door Replacement KilleenIs your garage door giving you frequent troubles? Is it often that you find yourself dealing with one damaged part of another? Do you think your garage door is making lots of unexplained noises in spite of frequent rounds of maintenance? These are enough signals that you should consider finding a reliable garage door company for affordable, professional garage door installation services in Killeen.

What are the benefits of replacing your old garage door?

  1. Added market value: The exterior of your house is the very first thing that create a lasting impression in the mind of a potential buyer. An old, damaged and rickety garage door is not a great idea to impress a home buyer. This gives a picture of impending maintenance costs to get the garage door in top shape. A new garage door will improve the appearance of your home. There are a variety of styles and finish to choose from to transform the exterior of your home with such a simple yet effective home improvement step. “According to Remodeling magazine's 2015 Cost vs. Value survey, which compares the value of popular home renovation projects, improving the value of a home is as simple as giving the garage a makeover.    
  1. Reduce your utility bills: A poorly insulated garage door like your old garage door can actually lead to an increased spending over the energy bills. If you have a room above the garage or just attached to the garage, you can definitely cut down utility bills by getting a new, insulated garage door costs. 
  1. Enhanced safety around the garage: When it comes to safety, every garage is a dangerous ground for children and pets. While you would still need to take certain important safety precautions to make your garage absolutely safe, new garage doors have automatic garage door openers with sensors attached. All garage door openers that have been manufactured after 1993 should be armed with a standard auto-reverse mechanism along with a secondary safety mechanism to avoid dangerous situations like crashing of a heavy garage door on a child or a pet. These sensors, for example a photo electric eye, will sense if someone or something is present under the garage door when it is moving downward. In case a child or a pet is trying to cross over the garage while the door is still in motion, these sensors will make the door go reverse automatically. 
  1. Enhanced security for garage as well as house: Older garage doors are vulnerable to attack by a burglar whereas new garage doors gives an edge to the overall security – both for your house and the garage. Garage can be the most strategic point to gain access to your house. But if the garage door will be made of a strong material and be equipped with security alarms or remote openers that use rolling code technology, it makes it much more difficult for a potential miscreant to get in to your garage which can lead to your house. Most modern garage doors will give you these security benefits.
  1. Leverage insurance benefits: Replacing your old garage door is a definite step towards home improvement. It is giving you so many benefits, be it added safety, more security and much better protection against bad weather. This fact is very much acknowledged by home insurance companies and you will see the results in reduced insurance premiums.
  1. You have more and much safer storage space: Modern garage doors do a wonderful job of keeping the bad elements whether it is rain, wind, snow or insects out of the garage. In the absence of extra storage space, more and more families find themselves using garage as their storage space to keep things like family albums, lawn equipment, tool kits, extra electronic stuff that tend to make the house look cluttered otherwise. It is safe to say that your new garage door will be well insulated and sealed making it a perfect place to either store your belongings or use it as a personalized space for recreation purposes.

Garage Door Replacement & Installation Services Killeen

Ready to replace your old garage door with a new stylish one with great safety features and long term performance guarantee? Garage Door Repair Killeen specializes in installing garage doors in the safest manner making sure all the related parts of the entire garage door assembly such as locks, springs, cables, track and safety cables are installed properly and are working smoothly.  We understand that quality as well as aesthetics play a significant role while installing the best garage door for you.

Our garage door installation team is dedicated to assess your specific need whether it is terms of synchronising the door style, colour and finish with the rest of the outdoor elements of your house or the brand that you are specifically looking for. When we install your garage door, you can assured that it is going to provide with a good service for a long time with no untimely wear and tear. We offer the most affordable and best garage door installation services in Killeen, Fort Hood, Belton and Temple.

Garage Door Drums Repair

GD DrumsGarage door is a heavy object that comprises of many moving parts. These components such as springs, cables, rollers and safety cables are integrated with each other to carry out smooth garage door operations. Every day usage and extreme weather conditions lead to wear and tear to these parts, making them prone to damage or breaking down.

If you feel your garage door is shaking or making unusual sounds while in operation, it may be an indication that the garage door drums are either not adjusted properly or are damaged. So, what are these drums and what is their role? Garage door drums are circular rollers that are placed on the either side of the door on the top. The door balances itself on these drums with the help of safety cables. Garage door springs work with safety cables and these drums to ensure that your garage door closes and opens in a smooth fashion. Every time a garage door is opened or closed, the cables wind or unwind on these drums. What if the drums are worn-out and faulty? A damaged drum can cause the cables to slip out or snap, bringing about a free fall or lead to the bending of the garage door panels. It can also damages the tracks. That’s why it is important to check on garage door drums periodically to make sure that your garage door is functioning optimally at any given point of time.

Garage Door Drums Repair Services in Killeen

If you feel your garage door cable drums are showing signs of wear and tear or look damaged or broken, you must take steps to remedy this problem as soon as possible. Any problems with either the garage door drums or some other moving part of a huge overhead garage door can be potentially dangerous and should be taken care of immediately by a professional.

Call Garage Door Repair Services in Killeen. Our technicians are qualified and skilled to do this specialized job safely and with precision. They will come equipped with the right tools, right hardware and the parts to perform the job more efficiently and in a risk-free manner.

Garage Door Repair Killeen is a professional garage door services Company that has been providing garage door repair, maintenance and installation services for many years. Our technicians are proficient in dealing with any kind of repair – whether it is springs, garage door drums, safety cables, weather seals and much more. We also provide 24 X 7 emergency services to help you pull out of a sudden, unforeseen challenge with garage door operation. With deep domain knowledge and unparalleled experience, we will get you going with a smooth functioning garage door at your disposal. 

Garage Door Opener Installation Killeen TX

Garage Door Opener Installation KilleenAre you a ‘Do It Yourself’ enthusiast? Decided to install your garage door opener yourself? While it is true that installing a garage door opener is relatively easier and a lot safer than installing a garage door, but if it is not properly installed it can pose a dangerous situation. It is very important to follow the installation instructions in the owner’smanual carefully.

Garage door openers generally fall into three categories: screw drive, chain drive and belt drive opener. It is important to know the specific functions, advantages and disadvantages for each of these openers before buying. It will help find a suitable fit for your requirement, saving you time and money.  

Tips before the installation

  • Make sure that the garage door and all its parts are lubricated. It helps to remember that weight of the door is supported by the cables, pulleys and springs and not by the opener.
  • Make sure your garage door is operating smoothly. If you find it is difficult to raise or lower the door during manual operation, don’t install the garage door opener until you have sorted out the issue and door has been repaired.
  • Do not attempt to repair or adjust the spring, cables or pulleys yourself. If you detect any problem with the spring, it is best to call a professional immediately.
  • Make sure you have removed the cords that are connected to the door.
  • Deactivate the door locks to avoid any accident.

Tips during the installation

  • Always set up the power unit at least 7-feet high.
  • Door openers come with manual disconnect wire or cord that must be adjusted at six inches above the ground. Always make sure you have disconnected the power supply in case you are setting up permanent wiring.
  • The push button for garage door opener, mounted on the wall, should be installed at the height of at least five feet above the floor. It should be out of reach of children. Children must be taught that running under a closing door is not a game and it can be very dangerous to do so.
  • Install an opener reinforcement bracket on the top section of the door. If you ignore this, it can seriously damage the door.
  • The photoelectric eyes should not be installed higher than six inches above the garage floor. If you install them higher, kids or pets will not be detected by the beam and the garage door will not automatically reverse. This can lead to fatal accidents.

Tips after installation

  • Remote controls for the garage door openers should be kept out of reach of children.
  • It is important to check all the safety features at least once every month to ensure that your garage door is operating smoothly, safely and giving you great performance time after time.
  • Children should be taught the importance of not playing near the garage door, especially when the door is moving.

Garage Door Opener Installation Services Killeen

If you are not comfortable with the installation of garage door opener, it is best to call the experts at Garage Door Repair Killeen. We are your local garage door repair company with services to Killeen, Fort Hood, Belton and Temple. We will help you install your garage door and garage door openers with high level of precision and safety.