Month: February 2016


Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage Door Safety TipsInternational Door Association (IDA) and the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) has come up with some important and useful tips that helps you to keep a check on garage door operations while keeping everything safe.  

  1. It is very important to ensure that small children should not get hold of garage door opener control button. It is best to follow the five inch rule while installing the push wall button for the opener, i.e., it should be installed at a height of at least 5 inches from the garage floor.
  2. Children should also be not allowed to play with the garage door remote controls.
  3. Read the instructions given in the owner’s manual to know how to use the garage door’s emergency release feature.
  4. It is very important to inspect the garage door monthly. Look out for any signs of wear and tear for springs, cables, rollers and pulleys. Try to look for any jerky movements or friction in the garage door movement and also listen to any unexpected creaking sounds. If you find anything out of normal, always call a reliable, professional garage door repair company. Never attempt to adjust, replace or repair any of these parts yourself.  These parts are under a lot of tension and any slip up can cause the door to come crashing down with deadly force. It can lead to injurie that can turn fatal as well. 
  5. Always test the garage door opener’s auto-reversing safety mechanism. You can do that by placing a placing a 2 x 4 board or a wooden log under the door. The door should ideally reverse when it contacts the object in its way. If it doesn’t, don’t take it lightly. Immediately call up a highly trained garage door professional who can adjust or repair the auto-reverse mechanism.  If your garage door opener dates before 1993, consider replacing it with a new opener that is equipped with an auto-reverse as a standard feature.
  6. When you are explaining the risks and the potential dangers to your family and children, never place fingers between door sections. If some accident happens during the safety tips demonstration, you can hurt your fingers.
  7. Never ever leave the garage door half open. If it is accidently activated by kids or yourself, it may move downwards and crash on any unsuspecting person or a kid.
  8. When you are going on vacation, always remember to unplug the garage door opener unit. You can also choose to use a vacation lock console security switch. This makes the remotes inoperative and can’t be used by intruders or criminals to get access to your vehicles or even home.

Garage Door Repair & Inspection Services in Killeen

Call Garage Door Repair Killeen for all types of garage door repir, installation, inspection and maintenance services in Killeen. Our experts take care of every detail whether it is checking for any wear and tear signs, making minor adjustmentand repair to the parts or lubricating the door. Our garage door maintenace and inspection technicians will perform a comprehensive check to make sure your garage door is updated and functional, and all ready to give you a safe performance time after time.


Garage Door Cable Repair

imagesYour Garage door is a heavy object and its weight is supported by many components such as springs, cables, drums and pulleys. It is one of the most important component of the door lifting system and bear the weight of the heavy door is one of the most important parts of your garage door lift system.  It keeps the garage door operating smoothly and efficiently without any friction.

Garage door cables are a safety net between the springs and the garage door tracks. It helps the springs to open and close the door or in other words in smooth movement of the garage door. Most garage door systems use two types of cables. Torsion cables are used with the torsion springs and are attached to the brackets located at the both the sides of the bottom of the garage door. While the extension spring door cables are used in conjunction with the extension springs and are wound around a pulley.  Extension spring cables have cables that hold the garage door and in case springs get damaged or if it breaks, the safety cables allow the garage door to move down slowly rather than recoiling at a fast speed.

Garage Door Cables Repair Services in Killeen

Do you notice frayed potions on the garage door cable? Do you find your garage door moving off the track?  It is possible that you damaged or broken garage door cable.  Watch for all the signs of any wear and tear. If you think there can be something wrong with the cables, call your local garage door services company in Killeen without any delay. Don’t attempt to repair or replace the cables or any component of the garage door. Without proper tools and equipment and any training, garage door repairs can be very dangerous.

Looking to repair or replace your garage door cable? Our technicians at Garage Door Repair Killeen are highly trained and skilled to deal with your challenge efficiently using the right hardware and following the correct safety procedures. We will make sure that your garage is a safe haven rather than an unsecure place on the brink of accidents that can happen anytime due to malfunctioning garage door components.

We are a professional garage door services company who provide the following garage door services:

  1. Garage door maintenance
  2. Garage door and parts repair
  3. Garage door installation
  4. Garage dooe opener installation
  5. Bent garage door panels
  6. Bent garage door tracks
  7. Garage door cables
  8. Garage door springs
  9. Weather-stripping or garage door weather seals
  10. Garage Door Rollers
  11. Garage Door Hinges


Bent Garage Door Track Repair

Bent Garage Door TrackGarage door tracks are very important to the smooth operation of your garage door. Bent track or the one that is out of alignment can seriously damage the other parts of the garage door – resulting in expensive garage door repairs. So, what factors can lead to bent garage door tracks or misaligned tracks?

While usual wear and tear, accidental collision the garage door with your car and corrosion are the primary reasons, there are other factors that may lead to premature damage to the garage door tracks. Breaking of cables or snapping of connection between the cable and the drum can also be a reason for this damage.  Accumulation of dust, debris and dirt on the track can also cause the track to be bent and damaged.

Address bent track issue today

What happens when you don’t address the issue of bent garage door tracks? Ignoring the bent garage door track will only aggravate the problem later. A garage door assembly is made up of many interconnected, movable components that work in tandem with each other and supporting each other to carry the heavy weight of the garage door – helping it operate at its peak performance and with safety.

If you continue to operate your garage door that has bent garage door track, it will bring damage to other parts. Eventually it make your garage door a very dangerous entity, not safe to operate. It might also lead to a non-functional garage door causing not only a great deal of inconvenience but also making you a hefty sum to repair many other components of your garage door. You might have to replace your garage door and getting a new one installed in its place. All of this can be a very tiresome, tedious and expensive process.

Bent Garage Door Track Repair Services in Killeen

If you want to contact a professional garage door repair company in Killeen, Fort Hood, Belton and Temple area, Garage Door Repair Killeen is the right choice. All our garage door experts are not only experienced and skilled but they are bonded, insured and licenced so that we can deliver the most satisfying garage door repair services with safety. We can inspect your garage door track for any wear and tear and help you fix any issue we find.

You can call us any time of the day and night or on weekends and on holidays to fix your emergency garage door issues. We offer a variety of garage door repair services including:

  • 24 X 7 emergency garage door services
  • Garage door maintenance and inspection
  • Garage door installation
  • Garage door springs repair
  • Garage door opener installation, adjustment and repair
  • Broken rollers repair and replacement
  • Garage door cable installation and repair
  • Garage door drum repair and replacement
  • Bent garage door track repair
  • Bent door panel repair and replacement
  • Weather seal installation and replacement