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Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

Garage Door Installation Services KilleenIs your garage door breaking down often? Do you find yourself calling a garage door technician more and more often? If you have a failing garage door or with faulty parts that constantly demand repair or maintenance, it may be the time to replace your garage door. A well-functioning garage door with well-maintained parts is not only about everyday convenience, it is also important from the safety point of view. You can’t risk having a garage door that may come crashing down all of a sudden.

Signs that you should replace your garage door

  1. The garage door is not immediately closing down or going up when you are using the opener to operate the door. Always remember, a garage door not operating smoothly pose a severe safety concern for yourself, your family, pets and your vehicle.
  2. Your garage door is making inexplicable, unusual sounds and shakes during its operation.  
  3. The lower part of the garage door that touches the garage floor looks tattered and it might look it is going to break away from the rest of the door anytime soon.
  4. You find yourself with recurring garage door repairs with one part of another breaking down frequently.
  5. Your garage door doesn’t have the mandatory safety features like auto reverse safety mechanism and photoelectric eyes.
  6. Your energy usage might be same as before but your utility bills are going higher – a sign that your garage door has a fault insulation.

If find yourself spending more and more money on recurring garage door repairs, it is definitely one important sign that it is time to replace your old garage door. Why not upgrade to a better model that has advanced built in safety features and effective insulation. Besides saving yourself from all the hassles, cost and inconvenience of having a garage door that spends more time breaking down than operating smoothly, there are other advantages too. A sparkling, beautiful garage door will increase the market value of your home and attract more buyers if you are planning to sell your home sometime soon. In addition, investing in a high quality garage door will also make your curb look great and bring down your cooling and heating costs. Are you ready to get rid of your old garage door?

Garage Door Installation Services Killeen

Call Garage Door Repair Killeen for a brand new garage door installation service. We are your local, reliable garage door experts providing professional, affordable garage door repair, installation and maintenance services to Killeen, Austin, Belton, Fort Hood and Temple Texas. We are garage door experts and our technicians know how important it is to install a garage door efficiently and follow the correct guidelines to ensure that all the parts such as opener, safety cables, springs and drum rollers are installed safely.

A correctly and carefully installed garage door means you have a properly functioning garage door giving you a lasting performance. It also reduces the chances of unexpected issues with your garage door. A garage door is a heavy piece of machinery that is used almost every day, causing wear and tear and damage to important parts such as torsion spring and safety cables. These garage door components support the heavy weight of your garage door and are under extreme pressure and tension at all times. It is extremely important that you hire a professional to deal with these parts whether it is repair, maintenance or installation. We have the right tools and technical expertise to install your garage door and associated parts with high precision and safety. Our garage door technicians test the garage door functioning and performance after they are done with installation to make sure all the parts are working in conjunction with one another as they are supposed to. We can also help you pick the right kind of garage door with the right material and feature you are looking for. Call Garage Door Repair Killeen for a free estimate today!

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Services Killeen

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Garage Door Repair Killeen provide a complete range of residential and commercial garage door installation, repair and maintenance services. We offer our services in the Killeen and surrounding areas such as Austin, Belton, Fort Hood and Temple.

Our garage door experts are trained, certified, and licensed so that we can provide you the most reliable and safe services. With many years of experience in installing and servicing different types of residential and commercial garage doors for our customers, our technicians come with tremendous technical expertise to take care of any garage door issues no matter how big or small.

We specialize in both standard and custom garage door installations according to your budget, requirement and specifications. And be assured of the quality and durability as we provide warranty to all the parts and services we provide. We stock a full line of residential and commercial garage doors by leading brand manufacturers in a wide variety of styles, materials and colors. Our range of automatic openers come with various power levels and specifications that can accommodate garage door of different weights and sizes.

There is an amazing range of garage doors and openers available out there and there are so many factors to consider while choosing the right type of garage door with the right style, material, features and cost. Don’t let any of these factors overwhelm you when we can help you pick what will be the best option for your needs.

All styles of garage door available

  1. Traditional steel garage doors
  2. Aluminium garage doors
  3. Wood garage doors
  4. Carriage style garage doors
  5. Fiberglass garage doors
  6. Vinyl garage doors
  7. Contemporary or modern garage door
  8. Insulated garage doors

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Full range of professional garage door services in Killeen

  1. Residential and Commercial garage door installation and repair
  2. Residential and Commercial garage door opener installation and repair
  3. Broken garage door spring repair and replacement
  4. Broken garage door cables repair and replacement
  5. Broken or bent rollers repair
  6. Bent garage door track (misalignment)
  7. Garage door maintenance
  8. Weather seals installation (weather stripping)

Garage Door Repair Killeen: Best esidental and commercial garage door services providers in your area

  1. One stop shop for all your garage door needs
  2. 24/7 emergency garage door repair services
  3. Affordable prices
  4. Excellent customer service
  5. We offer warranty for parts and garage door services
  6. We work with all leading garage door brands
  7. Fully insured and licensed garage door technicians

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Hire a Professional for Garage Door Repair Services

Professional Garage Door Repair KilleenYour garage door is not only heavy but also a highly complicated system with an intricate assembly of interconnected, moving parts. The weight of the heavy garage door is supported by sensitive parts such as springs and safety cables. There are also other parts such as rollers, track and panel that all work in conjunction with each other resulting in a well-functioning garage door.  

When you experience any issues with your garage door, always remember to call a professional to perform the repairs. While many people tend to undertake repairs themselves but you must realize that certain parts especially garage door springs are under a lot of tension due to the garage door weight. Damaged or worn out springs may suddenly snap and end up making your garage door come down with a brutal force that has the potential to injure or kill any unsuspecting person underneath. High tension can also make these broken springs to fly at an unimaginable speed and force, putting your life in danger.

Why you should call a professional for garage door repairs?

  1. Years of experience in fixing any type of problem no matter how big or small.
  2. Immediately identify the root cause of the problem and fix it with speed, efficiency and in no time.  
  3. Have the right tools, training and knowledge to repair any part safely.
  4. Alert you about any potential issue that you may not be aware of that can become big and risky later
  5. Saves you money and time. If you think hiring a professional garage door repair service is expensive, the fact is it will not only save you money but also time and efforts. You may invest in wrong or unnecessary parts or misdiagnose a problem. As a result you may end up spending more time and money than you should in trying to repair.

Garage Door Repair, Maintenance and Installation services in Killeen

There are many complications and risks associated with repairing the garage door that should never be taken lightly. It can be extremely dangerous without experience, right tools and knowledge. Need professional garage door services in Killeen? Call Garage Door Repair Killeen. We have the best technicians who are licensed, highly trained and skilled to perform repair and maintenance for your garage door. Whether you need periodic maintenance for your garage door or need urgent repair services for parts like automatic opener, damaged torsion springs or safety cables, you can call our garage door experts anytime. At Garage Door Repair Killeen, we have invested in the latest tools, garage door parts and other machinery to provide prompt and highly sophisticated garage door services for all types of garage doors. Our garage door repair services are available 24/7 and our technicians will reach you within minutes to fix the problem with your garage door as fast as possible. Our rates are best in the business and in addition, we offer warranty on the parts and the services we provide. Our aim is to provide you a safe garage door that is functional and giving you spot-on performance at all given times.

Garage Door Services We Offer

  • Residential garage door installation
  • Commercial garage door installation
  • Garage door automatic openers installation and repair
  • Garage door maintenance
  • Garage door springs
  • Garage door safety cable
  • Bent Garage door drum repair
  • Bent door panel repair
  • Weather seal or weather stripping
  • 24/7 garage door services

Providing professional garage door services to Killeen, Austin, Belton, Fort Wood and Temple Texas.

Tips to Make Your Garage Secure

Garage Door Security TipsMore often than not, homeowners do not consider the security of the garage as important as that of home. This is one of the biggest mistake as garages are considered as one of the easiest way to gain access to your household. And with all the high-value items that it houses including your car, power tools, expensive equipment and hardware, garages are particularly appealing to burglars.

So, how can you be sure that your garage is as safe as possible from a potential break-in?  Here are a few tips for a secure garage door:

  1. The most important and perhaps the simplest tip is to keep your garage door locked and closed all the time. Firstly, it will discourage a burglar to attempt any break-in. Secondly, it will help you to make your garage a safe place by avoiding any serious accidents that may happen with an open garage door. Install a high-security lock along with a deadbolt as an added security measure.
  2. It is very important to perform periodic inspection and maintenance of your garage door systems. It is a good idea to keep an eye on any signs that may indicate that your garage door  or any of its part is out or order and not functioning as it should be. If you think there is a loud squeaking sound or a jarring movement when your garage door is in motion, it is mostly an indication that something is wrong with the springs, rollers, pulleys or hinges. Since garage door is very heavy and all its parts are under an enormous tension, it is highly recommended to call on a professional garage door services company to perform any kind of repair or maintenance.
  3. Garage doors with automatic door openers are equipped with an emergency release device. It is usually very easily identified with a red cord and a red handle. Required by UL 325 and federal law, it is there to quickly disengage the opener in case of an emergency. 
  4. Keep the area in and around your garage door well-lit. Either install a light fixture with a bright light or opt for motion sensor flooding lights. In the event of any unexpected presence or movement, these lights lit up the area in a very bright often blinding light. This alerts you and even your neighbours to take a timely action and alert the authorities. This is one of the most effective method to discourage the burglars to attempt a strike.  
  5. If you have stored highly valuable items in your garage, any burglar can look at them by simply peeping through your garage window. If it is not possible to switch to a window-less garage, cover your windows or frost them to restrict the visibility into your garage.
  6. Make sure that you never leave the remote control of your door operator in your vehicle. This is one of the most common mistake that has the potential to attract the burglars and make your garage and home a very easy target. You can also get a small keychain remote which can be easily carried in your pocket or a purse.
  7. Invest in a sturdy and reliable garage door. Garage doors made from reinforced steel, slod wood and fibre glass are good options.
  8. If you have not yet switched to a rolling code technology, it can be a big security risk. If you have a dip switch dip set at a unique combination, a burglar can still use an electronic device called code grabber device that records the signal from your remote to your openers. Burglars can re-transmit this signal and gain an access to your garage and ultimately your home. That is when rolling code technology come to rescue. It means your remote transmits a new security code or a signal for your opener every time you use your remote.  It renders the code grabber device absolutely useless.