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Hire a Professional for Garage Door Springs Repair

  • Garage Door Springs Repair KilleenGarage door not responding to the automatic opener?
  • Garage door looks out of balance and hangs onto one side?
  • Garage door stops suddenly in the middle while moving up or down?  
  • Your garage door is making unusual squeaky noises while operating?
  • Garage door not running up and down smoothly?

More often than not, these problems are the result of broken, damaged or malfunctioning garage door springs. Springs are an extremely important component that supports the heavy weight of the garage door and make sure that the door functions smoothly and efficiently ate all times. It is never a good idea to ignore if you find something wrong with the garage door springs. Damaged springs may break suddenly, causing the heavy garage door to come crashing down with a force brutal enough to kill. A busted garage door coming down on an unsuspecting person can cause fatal injuries to children, yourself, pets and cause damage to the vehicle. 

Sometimes, garage door springs give a squeaking sound when they are not well-lubricated. Lubricate the springs generously once and check if the noise subsides on operating the garage door up and down. If not, it is mostly a sign that the springs need immediate attention. Always remember, broken or damaged garage door springs can be very risky and equally dangerous is when you attempt to repair or replace these parts on your own. Springs, supporting the heavy garage door, are always under a tremendous amount of pressure and tension. Always hire a professional with experience, right tools and technical expertise to fix any issue with garage door springs.

Garage Door Springs Repair Services in Killeen

Garage Door Repair Killeen is your trustworthy garage door professionals providing high quality services to Killeen, Austin, Belton, Fort Hood and Temple area. Our technicians have many years of experience going on for them and are extensively trained in repairing garage door springs and other garage door parts with safety and efficiency. Our garage door professionals in Killeen are equipped with all the right tools and hardware required to do the job accurately and have in –depth understanding how garage door springs work and what can go wrong with them.

Repairing any garage door parts be it torsion springs or safety cables requires special technical skills and if you think your garage door parts need inspection, repair or any adjustment, call Garage Door Repair Killen. Our technicians are qualified to do this job for you. Call Garage Door Repair Killeen at (254) 848 6088 to know more about our garage door installation, repair and maintenance services at the most affordable rates.

What Things to Look for in a Garage Door Repair Company?

gd1When you have a busted garage door, all you want it to get it fixed as soon as possible. And this is the perfect opportunity for some unethical garage door companies to target customers like you. Most people are not aware of the actual costs of the garage door parts and more often than not they can’t tell a necessary repair from a one that is forced on them. So, how can you avoid getting scammed with exorbitant prices and repairs that were nor required in the very first place?

 You can start by looking for these important qualities in your garage door company before hiring.

  1. Transparent pricing

One of the most important boxes to tick is the transparency in the pricing structure. You wouldn’t want any nasty surprises with some extra dollars added in your final bill. Don’t hesitate to be upfront about the service fees or any hidden, extra charges that are likely to be thrown at you. A reliable, trustworthy company will give you a cost estimate before starting the repair work.

It is very much possible that something unexpected may come up during assessment that might repair as well. However, an honest garage door company will keep you appraised of any such situation including the changes in the quote given to you. You can always reject extra repairs if deemed unnecessary. And remember, the best way to avoid getting ripped off is get multiple bids from different companies over the phone. While, low cost is attractive, ridiculously low service fee can be red flag.  

  1. Professional and reliable

Your garage is one of the critical point of access to your house. It is, therefore, extremely important that you are able to find a reliable garage door company with good reputation and reviews. Check if the company you are about to hire is an established business, spend some time to go over their website and most importantly don’t be fooled by aggressive, fancy ad campaigns. 

  1. Quality Customer Service

You can easily assess this by simply calling them up. Do they answer you professionally and patiently? Do they balk up at your questions about pricing? Are they able to understand your problem clearly and gives you a clear assessment of what repairs are required before they actually start their job? A professional garage door company would focus on giving you an exceptional customer service right from the moment you make that first call down to arriving fast and fix your problem with no fuss. 

Call Garage Door Repair Killeen.

  • High quality garage door repairs and maintenance services
  • Stock quality spare parts
  • Fully insured and licensed garage door technicians
  • Trained, certified and courteous professionals
  • 24/7 availability to fix any urgent garage door issue
  • Affordable rates
  • 100 % customer satisfaction

Garage Security Tips

Garage Door Security KilleenSimply installing latest, high security locks on your entrance door may not be enough if you haven’t secured your garage. Undoubtedly you garage is one of the most strategic part of your house and may act as an access point to your house by opportunistic thieves if left unlocked. If you neglect the security of your garage, you may be risking the security of your house as well as your vehicle.  And not to mention that garages are particularly attractive to burglars if you are utilizing your garage area to store valuable items such as tools, hardware, personal belongings and expensive equipment.   

You can follow some basic tips that may help in making your garage and house a secure place and deter burglars who would be looking for easy targets to strike.

Garage Security Tips Killen

  1. Keep the garage door and windows locked. This practice not only prevent break-ins by opportunistic burglars but also avoids accidents. Get a high-security lock installed along with a deadbolt for an added layer of security.                                                                                                                                          
  2. A well-lit garage area can be a strong deterrent for burglars. If possible, invest in motion detecting floodlights. These lights can detect movement and alert you or the neighbors if there is an unexpected movement in the garage area.                                                                                                                          
  3. Be regular with garage door inspection and maintenance. Garage door is one of the heaviest object in your house supported by many parts such as tension springs, safety cables, pulleys and rollers. Everyday use and extreme weather conditions may cause wear and tear to these parts. As such they may demand regular inspection, repair and maintenance. Don’t ignore any damaged or broken part and call a garage door professional in your area immediately to fix the problem.                                                                                    
  4. Invest in high quality garage door made of durable, high strength material such as solid-core wood, fibre glass or reinforced steel.                                                                                                                                  
  5. Keep your garage windows covered. Many homeowners use the garage space to store expensive items such as garden tools, hardware and other such stuff. Frost your windows or use plastic sheets to cover the windows so that outsiders can’t peek into your garage and assess if any high value equipment is stored.                                                                                                                                                                         
  6. Install a high quality alarm system for your garage. Nothing can be more unsettling for a burglar than a loud siren that can easily alert the homeowners, neighbors or even the patrolling police. Even a small door sensor equipment can help immensely in preventing a break-in. many advanced models for sensors are available in the market, for example some sensors can trigger the security alarm when the door is tampered with.
  1. Make sure not to leave your house keys, spare keys and garage keys in your car.
  1. If your garage door opener has a remote, never leave it in your car.  Get a keychain remote that you can conveniently carry along in your pocket or purse.
  1. Automatic garage door openers provide great deal of convenience but as with every technology there are some flips sides. Burglars may use code grabbing devices, electronic gadgets that hacks into the radio signal emitted from your opener remote and use it to gain easy access to your garage and hence your home. Fortunately, you can make use of rolling code technology. Modern garage door openers come equipped with this feature where your opener remote transmits a new security code every time you would use the remote – making it virtually impossible to record the code.

Garage Door Emergency Release Feature

All garage doors manufactured after 1992 are required by US federal law to be equipped with emergency release feature. Emergency Release Cord

To make the emergency release handle easily accessible and handy, it is required to be:

  • Red in color
  • Stand out from the rest of the garage opener system
  • No higher than 6 feet above the garage floor.

Garage door is a heavy piece of machine that is composed of many interconnected movable parts such as garage door torsion springs, safety cables, rollers etc. Daily use and extreme weather conditions may cause wear and tear to any or all of these parts. Neglecting the health of your garage door system may result in snapping of these parts causing the door to come crashing down with unimaginable, brutal force with a potential to cause fatal injuries. Being aware of the safety features such as emergency release feature, auto reverse safety mechanism and supplemental auto reverse feature such as photoelectric sensors or photo eyes is extremely important. Keep an eye of the emergency release cord of your garage door and test it monthly to make sure it is working when you need to operate the door manually in the event of any emergency.

Garage Door Repair Killeen Tx Austin Tx

For any garage door services in Killeen, Call Garage Door Repair Killeen. We are your local, reliable garage door experts providing professional, affordable garage door repair, inspection, installation and maintenance services to Killeen, Austin, Belton, Fort Hood and Temple Texas.

Our full range of garage door services in Killeen include:

  1. Residential garage door and opener installation
  2. Commercial garage door and opener installation
  3. Garage door automatic openers repair and adjustment
  4. Garage door maintenance and inspection services
  5. Broken garage door torsion springs repair and replacement
  6. Broken/damaged garage door safety cable repair and replacement
  7. Garage door drum installation and repair
  8. Bent garage door track repair
  9. Bent door panel repair
  10. Weather seal installation
  11. 24/7 emergency garage door repair services
  12. Garage door parts replacement
  13. Garage door parts alignment or adjustment
  14. Garage door emergency release feature testing
  15. Garage door photoelectric sensors testing and adjustment