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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage Door Maintenance Tips KilleenWe don’t realize the significance of a smoothly running garage door unless one day you are facing a jammed garage door or one that has a broken spring or a cable. But most of these issues can be avoided if you are regular about garage door check-ups from time to time.

A garage door is a heavy piece of machinery comprising of many interconnected parts that work together to achieve safe and smooth operation. It is important that you keep an eye on its small and big components by performing periodic inspection. This is not only to avoid unexpected breakdowns, which can be dangerous as well as inconvenient, but also to prevent spending big on costly repairs later on.

We have compiled a quick list of some preventive maintenance tips for your garage door.

Points to remember:

  1. Before you head out to your garage, inform your family of your whereabouts
  2. Disengage the automatic garage door opener
  3. Clamp the locking pliers on the garage door rollers to prevent them rolling down unexpectedly.
  4. Only check for any wear and tear signs. Never try to repair or replace any damaged part on your own. Call professional garage door repair experts as they have the right tools, skills, trainings and understanding of the risks involved.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

  1. Look carefully for any signs of wear and tear, especially to parts like springs, cable drums, safety cables and rollers. Check out for any loose or damaged part and tighten the nuts, bolts and other mounting hardware.
  1. Check if there is any strange, squeaking noise when the garage door is moving up and down.
  1. Test the door balancing. It is an important exercise especially if your garage door is moving with sudden vibrating movements. First, disengage the automatic opener and manually lift the door.  It should be able to move up smoothly without any resistance and stay where it is when you leave the door mid-way.
  1. Lubricate the required parts of your garage door. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine what kind of lubricant should be used and which parts need lubrication. Lubricate garage door springs, rollers, upper part of the chain rails, hinges, pivot points, locks,nuts and bolts and arm bar. Avoid lubricating opener, motor, garage door track and the bottom part of the chain rails. Don’t use WD 40 lubricant. Always use lithium or a silicon spray.                                                                                                                                                                                             
  2. Check if the auto reverse safety mechanism of your garage door is working as expected. Place a solid object underneath the door when it is moving down. It should automatically reverse back on sensing anything in its way. But if the door still keeps moving down, it indicates that the auto-reverse safety process is defective.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  3. Check if the garage door photoelectric sensors are well-functioning.  Wave a long object in front of the optical sensors to disrupt the beam of light. The door should stop immediately and bounce back. If it doesn’t happen this way, realign the photoelectric sensors or call a garage door professional to fix the problem.
  1. Clean the inside of the garage door track. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any grime or dirt and re-wipe the area with a dry towel to absorb any moisture on the surface. Don’t spray any lubricant on the track as the oil will attract more dust and dirt that make the surface hard, preventing smooth operation.

Professional Garage Door Services in Killeen

  1. Residential garage door and opener installation
  2. Commercial garage door and opener installation
  3. Garage door automatic openers repair and adjustment
  4. Garage door maintenance and inspection services
  5. Broken garage door torsion springs repair
  6. Damaged garage door safety cable repair
  7. Garage door drum installation and repair
  8. Bent garage door track repair
  9. Bent door panel repair
  10. Weather seal installation
  11. 24/7 emergency garage door repair services
  12. Garage door parts replacement
  13. Garage door parts alignment or adjustment
  14. Garage door photoelectric sensors testing and adjustment

Rolling Code Technology for Garage Door Openers

Rolling Code Technology KilleenGarage doors that have electric door opener can be opened using code grabbing devices. That’s why most remote key fobs or keyless entry systems used to access garage doors and vehicles use a rolling code technology for enhanced security.                

How burglars can hack into your remote? When you press the remote, it transmits signals to activate the garage door opener. However, tech smart burglars can use a recording equipment to record the transmission and replay it later to break-into your garage. However, rolling code technology uses a complex algorithm of encrypted codes such that your remote will transmit a different code every time you press the button. This process makes it impossible for an intruder to catch the right code for a replay attack later.

Garage Door Openers Installation & Repair Killeen

Is your garage door opener too old? Is it breaking down too often? Is it getting too noisy and even lubrication can’t seem to solve the problem? It is recommended that you don’t waste more time, efforts and money on expensive repairs. It is time to replace your old opener with a modern unit equipped with a quieter motor, and better safety and security features.

Premier Overhead Company offers professional and affordable garage door opener installation and repair services in Killeen, Temple, Austin and Belton.

Our full range of garage door installation, repair and maintenance services in Killeen include:

  1. Residential garage door & opener installation in Killeen
  2. Commercial garage door & opener installation in Killeen
  3. Garage door openers installation, repair and adjustment
  4. Broken garage door springs repair and replacement
  5. Garage door safety cable repair and installation
  6. Garage door drum installation and repair services
  7. Bent garage door track repair
  8. Bent garage door panel repair 
  9. Weather seal installation or weather stripping 
  10. 24/7 garage door repair
  11. Garage door parts replacement
  12. Garage door maintenance services
  13. Garage door inspection services
  14. Garage door parts alignment and adjustment services
  15. Emergency garage door repair services

Items You Should Not Store in Your Garage

Items not stored in Garage KilleenIt seems garage is everyone’s favourite place when it comes to store stuff or even simply dump items we may need at the moment. But are you aware not all things can be stored in garage safely. Some items can actually get irreversibly damaged if kept in garage for a long time. And some things are actually absolutely dangerous to store in the garage as they can trigger serious accidents.   

So, what are some obvious items that you should never store in your garage? Lets’ find out.

  1. Propane tanks

First thing that needs mention is propane tank. Summer time is best known for throwing fun-filled outdoor parties that involves grilling and cooking. It is not uncommon to see people storing propane tanks for barbeque grills. A bad idea. Sometimes a valve that is not completely closed can result in gas leaking. We all know and must always remember that propane is a very inflammable gas and any leakage can causal fatal explosion. If you must, store propane tanks in a place that has good ventilation and no sparks.

  1. Important documents

Sometimes we tend to store certain documents in the garage. However, leakage or flooding in garage due to any reasons may cause the accumulated water to damage and even destroy your carefully stored important documents. You may not require to use some documents often but any important documents must always be kept safely inside your study or bedroom. 

  1. Any Fresh food or pet food

We often store pet food, bird seeds and even stocks of fresh food inside the garage. It might save you some space outside and in the house but any type of food would always attract insects, pests and rodents. We all know how annoying it can be to have pest infestation in the garage. Pets can cause unimaginable damage to the wires and other stored stuff and can even reach your house over time.

  1. Temperature, moisture &light sensitive items

Garage has extreme variations in temperature such as too much heat or too much cold. There is also direct sunlight and moisture. All these variants have the potential to spoil and damage certain sensitive items such as paint, paintings, photographs, solvents, wooden furniture, wine, canned food and electronic gadgets including DVD players, old but functional television set or computers. It is better to store these fragile items where there is no risk of them getting spoiled by heat, cold, moisture and sunlight.

  1. Clothing and bedding

Lots of time we use garage to store heavy winter coats, beddings, linen and other clothing items. It sounds like a good plan to declutter and make room for seasonal stuff. But small animals, insects and even rodents, who are looking for warm, fuzzy places to make their homes, may find these items a perfect place to do so. You just wouldn’t want to invite these unwelcomed visitors and ruin your clothes as well as infest your garage. A better option would be to store these items in sealed plastic boxes.

Are you planning to declutter and re-organize stuff in and around your house? Before you proceed to dump some items into your garage, review carefully and assess whether they will remain safe and protected in the extreme garage conditions. Just a small initiative and efforts will help you keep your precious and important stuff unharmed. Your efforts will also keep any accidents from happening.

Garage Door Insulation: Polystyrene Vs Polyurethane

Polystyrene Vs Polyurethane KilleenGarage door insulation has many benefits, whether you are looking to achieve lower utility bills, increase the strength of the garage door, make the door less noisy or prevent critter and insect infestation. But it is also important to be aware of many options available and be able to decide what works best for your requirements. Polystyrene and polyurethane are the two most common and popular garage door insulation material.

Before we move forward with their individual properties and advantages, lets understand the concept of R value. R value is a measure of a material’s resistance to heat flow and is also influenced by how you are going to going to use the garage door and the climate you live in. Higher the R value, higher is the insulation provided and lower the cost to heating and cooling the garage.

Polystyrene garage door insulation

  1. Polystyrene is a firm block of insulation placed between two layers of the garage door.
  2. Good value for money and ease of installation
  3. Water-proof and available in several thickness
  4. Less insulating R-value when compared to that of polyurethane insulation. Typically, Rvalue per inch runs up to R10

Polyurethane garage door insulation

  1. Polyurethane is an inserted foam of insulation that actually attaches or sticks to the garage door.
  2. Better insulator than polystyrene, offering almost twice the insulating R-value. Polyurethane foam insulation offers R values that runs from R10 up to R17 approximately.
  3. Polyurethane foam chemically bonds directly to the garage door, resulting in stronger structure.
  4. Polyurethane insulation also makes the overhead garage door more quiet during the operation and less prone to shaking or jarring movements.

A lot rides on selecting the type of insulation. What is your budget? What climate you live in? Why are you looking to insulate your garage door? Is it simply to control the temperature or do you want to reinforce the strength of the door or perhaps you want a quiet garage door? It also depends what type of garage you have; whether a standalone or an attached garage. 

If you live in extremely hot or cold climate and have an attached garage, you should look for polyurethane insulation with higher R-values. It will contribute to energy savings for your garage as well as the attached home.

Have a gaping hole under the garage door or between the panels?  A well-insulated garage door will not be able to serve its purpose if the garage door is not sealed. Make sure you have installed weather stripping and taken care of all the gaps in your garage door.

Garage door insulation and weather seals installation services in Killeen?Call Garage Door Repair Killeen at (254) 848 6088 today! We offer professional, affordable garage door insulation and weather seals installation services so that you can leverage the many benefits associated with garage door insulation. Our garage door technicians are experienced and skilled in installing both polystyrene and polyurethane insulation for your garage door. 

Our Full Range of Garage Door Services in Killeen:

  1. Residential garage door and opener installation
  2. Commercial garage door and opener installation
  3. Garage door automatic openers repair and adjustment
  4. Garage door maintenance services
  5. Broken garage door torsion springs repair and replacement
  6. Broken garage door safety cables repair and replacement
  7. Garage door drum installation and repair
  8. Bent garage door track repair
  9. Bent or broken garage door panel repair
  10. Garage door weather seal installation
  11. Garage door insulation
  12. 24/7 garage door repair services
  13. Garage door parts replacement
  14. Emergency garage door repair
  15. Garage door balance
  16. Photoelectric sensors alignment